Turia and Vilkacis announce split record

Turia and Vilkacis, two of the most interesting names to have recently emerged on the black metal scene are about to release a split record. While no release date has been announced as of yet, it shall consist of two songs from each band and will feature the gorgeous artwork seen below, authored by Yu Rim Chung, whose work has previously been featured in Fell Voices’ «Regnum Saturni».

Cover art by Yu Rim Chung

To be released in Europe by Altare on vinyl and Haeresis Noviomagi on tape, and in North America by Psychic Violence, the split will mark the continuation of a rather active recent past from both parties. As it pertains to Turia, they released «Dede Kondre» last January. After all this months, it’s fair to say their second record marks not only a considerable sonic expansion upon the earlier «Dor», but also one of the high points of this year when it comes to atmospheric black metal.

Regarding Vilkacis, it’s true that it has been over four years since its only release, the mesmerising but impetuous «The Fever Of War». However, it’s single author M. Rekevics has been rather active in Vanum and Yellow Eyes, collectives who have respectively released the «Burning Arrow» EP and «Immersion Trench Reverie» in recent months, with the latter being of particularly significant interest. Despite this, recall below the might that was «The Fever Of War».

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