News round-up: 24-Hour Drone, Adzalaan, and dälek

Today, we cover the first announcements of 2018’s 24-Hour Drone and dälek’s upcoming European tour, as well as provide an update on the upcoming Adzalaan record.

Initial line-up for 24-Hour Drone in Hudson, New York announced

As the story goes, some years ago in a new years eve, Basilica Hudson creative directors Melissa Auf der Mar and Tony Stone were chatting with their guest Bob van Heur, co-founder of the Utrecht-based festival Le Guess Who?.That night, they got an idea for twenty-four straight hours of sound, which eventually led to the 24-Hour Drone making its debut at the 2014 edition of Le Guess Who? and opening the 2015 season of Basilica Hudson. Since then, the event has spread to other countries, culminating so far in five drone events taking place in 2017, with three twelve-hour long ones in The Netherlands, Sweden, and Canada and including artists such as Stephen O’Malley, Jessica Moss, William Basinski, and Auf der Mar herself. Now, we have the first names of the 2018 edition of 24-Hour Drone in Hudson, New York to report on.

These include the multi-instrumentalist Laraaji in collaboration with Arji OceAnanda, one of the forefathers of ambient music, who historically began collaborating with Brian Eno with 1980’s «Ambient 3: Day of Radiance» after the composer witnessed Laraaji playing the zither in Washington Square Park. Another main name is visceral noise artist Pharmakon, who celebrated the tenth anniversary of her career last year with the release of the fantastic «Contact», which you can stream above. Other confirmations feature plenty of additional exclusive collaborations, such as Arone Dyer with Dronechoir Syllaba, Sontag Shogun with scentscape artist Alex Beth Schapiro, and many others. The full list of confirmed artists can be found here.

The 2018 24-Hour Drone at the Hudson Basilica will take place from noon to noon of Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April 29. Tickets can be acquired at this location – note that early bird tickets are already sold out.

Adzalaan reveal «Succumb and Vanish»

Next month will see a three entities of Vrasubatlat releasing offerings with the aid of Invictus Productions, namely, Adzalaan, Dagger Lust, and Serum Dreg. The former is set to release its first full-length, «Into Vermilion Mirrors», as a follow-up to last year’s self-titled debut demo. After revealing the sixth track of the upcoming full-length «Paralysis Euphoria» (which you can stream below), Adzalaan have now offered «Succumb and Vanish», the second piece of the album, for exclusive stream here, at Invisible Oranges. After sustaining the onslaught of both «Succumb and Vanish» and «Paralysis Euphoria», it soon becomes clear there is a stark shift in tone from the debut demo, with a much more overt inception of nasty death metal leanings in the band’s original black metal sound.

«Into Vermilion Mirrors» is set for release on April 20 via Vrasubalt on tape format and Invictus Productions as a cd. Pre-orders for the later can be found here, whilst the tapes will be available at this location at a later date. Besides the sole composer R, the album features Witch Vomit‘s Graveslayer on drums, was recorded and mixed by Evan Mersky, produced by Vassafor‘s Phil Kusabs and features artwork by Dan Fried.

Further notice that on the same day, the debut full-lengths of Dagger Lust and Serum Dreg, «Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead» and «Lustful Vengeance», will be released by the same combination of labels, with the cd pre-orders available respectively here and here. Below, listen to Dagger Lust‘s «Corroded Vein» and Serum Dreg‘s «Death Ritual»

Dagger Lust‘s «Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead» was also recorded and mixed by Evan Mersky, whilst production duties fell to frequent Vrasubatlat and Ash Borer collaborator Andrew Oswald, who is also responsible for the mixing and mastering of «Lustful Vengeance». The Serum Dreg‘s full-length also features T.T. (Dagger Lust, Utzalu, Witch Vomit) on guest guitars and was recorded by Jordan Huston. As with «Into Vermillion Mirrors», the artwork is authored by Dan Fried.

dälek announce European summer dates

These guys just don’t stop, do they? Thankfully, ever since returning from a short hiatus in 2015, the new line-up of Will Brooks, Mikey Manteca, and DJ rEk, has been an ever-active force. This activity has manifested itself not only in releases, the highlight of which so far is clearly «Endangered Philosophies» released last year via Ipecac (about which we wrote this piece), but mostly in an considerably large amount of live performances all around the world. After hitting Roadburn in April 2018 and following that up with another European tour in the fall, dälek is now set to return on June and July for both festival and club dates, all of which can be seen below on the tour poster.


It is worth noting that the festival dates include on the one hand Hellfest, further proof of the collective’s growing status in the metal scene, and festivals such as Dour where they will be joined by Swedish free-jazz saxophonist Mats Gustafsson. When announcing the dates, the band stated that there are “a few more tricks up our sleeves that will be announced in the coming weeks!

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