News round-up: Dagger Lust, Dylan Carlson, and G A S

Dagger Lust getting all dirty on power electronics, new music from the master Dylan Carlson and an announcement from minimal techno legend G A S.

Dagger Lust stream «Black Blood in Mockery»

As we mentioned last week, there will be three Vrasubatlat releases coming at the end of April with involvement from Invictus Productions. More concretely, releases from Adzalaan, Dagger Lust, and Serum Dreg. Earlier this year, the label had revealed a song of each one of those records and, last week, a second song from Adzalaan was streamed by Invisible Oranges. This week, it’s time for a great new Dagger Lust song from the upcoming first full-length «Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead». The song, entitled «Black Blood in Mockery», can be endured over at CVLT Nation. To put things in perspective, recall below the last Dagger Lust demo, «Aggramica».

Sure, it’s nasty, feedback-laden black death metal. However, when listening to «Black Blood in Mockery», it becomes clear that label was not fucking around when they announced that the new album “pushes Dagger Lust beyond its already relentless fury to depraved heights of misery and disgust” and “manages to incorporate more straight forward power electronics elements.” Then again, they are about to reach twenty releases in the span of three years and if there’s something that they haven’t done yet is to fuck around. Below, you can listen to the previously released «Corroded Vein», a slightly more straight-forward affair than the new song.

Recall that «Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead» was recorded and mixed by Evan Mersky, produced by Andrew Oswald, and is set for release on April 20 through Vrasubatlat (tape) and Invictus Productions (cd).

Dylan Carlson announces «Conquistador»

Side by side with his ongoing and already legendary career as Earth‘s mastermind, Dylan Carlson has quietly developed a rather interesting solo back catalogue, mostly under the drcarlsonalbion moniker, with which he signed the soundtrack to «Gold» back in 2014, among other records. One collaboration had, however, been signed under his own name, namely, 2014’s «Elephanto Bianco» with Rogier Smal. Four years later, the first proper Dylan Carlson solo record has now been announced and goes by the name «Conquistador». The first single, «Scorpions in their Mouths», can be heard below.

The album was recorded back in 2016 at Kurt Ballou‘s GodCity studios and features contributions from Emma Ruth Rundle on baritone and slide guitar, as well as from Holly Carlson on percussion – she is also featured on the cover of the album seen above and is the photographer responsible for Dylan’s picture on the top of this article. As the title suggests, «Conquistador» marks a return to the western themes of Earth’s records such as «Hex», as opposed to the English folklore that served as a motif for most of his output as drcarlsonalbion. The album is set for release on April 27 via Sargent House in both cd and 12” vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be done here (Europe), here (US), and here (digital).

G A S to release «Rausch»


With last year’s release of the fantastic «Narkopop», the seventeen year hiatus of full-length GAS releases came to an end. It also meant that the project that started with the now famous goal of “bring the forest to disco, or vice-versa – a reference to how Voigt sought to incorporate classical compositions evocative of rustic landscapes into techno – had finally released a record on Kompakt, the label founded by Wolfgang Voigt himself. Never one to keep quiet for long, a second post-hiatus GAS record has now been announced. Entitled «Rausch», German for intoxication, the record’s liner notes include an intriguing poem with many a reference (from Pink Floyd to Beethoven and more), which has been unveiled and is reproduced below.


«Rausch» is described as “intended to be heard as a whole from beginning to end” and is set for release via Kompakt on May 18. Pre-orders are available at this location on cd and 2xLP formats. In the meantime, there is a trailer for the record here and it’s never really a bad idea to revisit «Narkopop», is it?

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