News round-up: Chaos Echœs, Offerbeest, and Vilkacis

As Chaos Echœs continue an impressive beginning of the year, Mories’ Offerbeest releases a track from an upcoming split with Clawing, and the veil upon Vilkacis’ first LP begins to be lifted.

Chaos Echœs joins forces with Mats Gustafsson

Gloomy metal experimentalists Chaos Echœs are having one hell of a productive start to 2018, having already released their second full-length «Mouvement» in February through Nuclear War Now! (you can check it out here) and the three-cassette compilation «The Occursus Series» through Bile Noire in collaboration with Sentient Ruin Laboratories, which includes the demo «Parisian Sessions / Rehearsal I», the EP «Duo Experience / Spectral Affinities», and the live EP «A Voiceless Ritual». The French quartet is now set to release a further EP in April. this time with Swedish free-jazz saxophonist Mats Gustafsson joining the fray for a eerie sonic voyage entitled «Sustain». The first of the two tracks, «Sustain», can be heard below. For the full thing, head on over to Invisible Oranges who have an exclusive stream at this location.

«Sustain» is set for release on April 13 through Utech records on cassette, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here.

Offerbeest reveals track from upcoming split with Clawing

When one’s career includes pieces such as «An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood», «All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity», «L’arrivée de la terne mort triomphante», and «Hymns for the Broken, Swollen and Silent», it becomes reasonable to ask the question “where does one possibly go from here?” We are talking of course about Gnaw Their Tongues and, one possible answer is of course the one given this past February with «Genocidal Majesty», which just happens to be one of the best albums that Maurice de Jong has put out under his main moniker. Importantly, it is one that is violently stripped from metal elements and whose typical wall of distorted sounds is rather carved from more electronic building blocks. Another option is his analogue synth project Offerbeest, which as the owner of At War With False Noise put it upon releasing the project’s debut «Black Teeth» last year, “has everything that is brilliant about Gnaw Their Tongues (the suffocating sense of dread, dramatic whirring sounds of evil, death tolls across desolate landscapes) but takes it entirely out of the “metal” context”, going as far as claiming that for it was “the most obvious next step on from GTT.

The next step in the project’s path will be a split with Clawing, to be released by Nailbat Tapes at some point this year. One song from the Offerbeest side, «disease» is already available for streaming, you can listen to it below.

Regarding their split partners Clawing, it’s a new three-piece from Montgomery, Alabama, featuring Matt Finney on vocals, who plays with Maurice de Jong on It Only Gets Worse. Their first offering of ambient/noise, «Spectral Estate», was released earlier this year and can be streamed below.

«Spectral Estate» can be purchased digitally here, whereas «Genocidal Majesty» is available here in cd, digital, and vinyl formats.

Vilkacis sets date for release of debut LP


Now that about four years have passed since the release of Vilkacis debut EP, «The Fever Of War», a successor to this extremely promising start is about to be unleashed upon the world. The announcement comes with a statement of intent, which reads “The heavens will crumble and the masters will kneel // As I spit on the angels who beg at my feet.” The LP, whose recording began “immediately after the debut release,” is entitled «Beyond The Mortal Gate» and is set for release early next month. Two of its songs, «Sixty Three» and «Boundless Spell of Realization», can be heard below. They clearly suggest the same idea of continuity from the debut alluded to by the press release and while their production gives a sense of overall progression, the relentless approach to melody remains untouched and untouchable.

«Beyond The Mortal Gate» is set for release on April 6 via Psychic Violence on LP format. Pre-orders are available at the band’s bandcamp (digital and vinyl) and at the label’s store (vinyl only). Further recall that, as we announced last year, Vilkacis is also set to release a split with Turia.

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