News round-up: Mournful Congregation, Serum Dreg, and some quick updates

We complete the Vrasubatlat hat-trick of new songs leading to the April 20 release of new full-lengths by Adzalaan, Dagger Lust, and Serum Dreg. On the funeral doom spectrum, the new Mournful Congregation is available for stream in its entirety before its release tomorrow, and we also have some quick updates regarding Consouling Sounds, and Dark Buddha Rising.

Mournful Congregation stream «The Incubus of Karma»

As we had mentioned last week, «The Incubus of Karma», the fifth LP of funeral doom giants Mournful Congregation is set for release tomorrow. As is usual these days, it is possible to stream the record in its entirety and you can do so below.

It should be stated that we made a mistake by omission in our previous article regarding this release. While it is true that it will be available via Osmose Productions in cd, vinyl, and tape formats (pre-orders available here), it is in fact a joint release with 20 Buck Spin, who are handling the North American edition at this location – it is precisely through the label named after that song that the stream above is happening.

Serum Dreg unleashes a new track of filthy death metal

As April 20 draws ever near, so does the anticipation for the trio of Vrasubatlat releases rises to anxiety-inducing levels. At least for us, who got addicted to their shit ever since the release of Uškumgallu‘s self-titled demo and Serum Dreg‘s «Impure Blood» (here and here) back on June 12, 2015. To put it in not-so-mild terms, the upcoming Serum Dreg full-length “focuses on worship of sex, hedonism, and ritualistic chaos.” After premiering the highly addictive «Death Ritual» earlier this year (listen to it here), the duo Conjure of Plague and Ad Infinitum (respectively known as M and R in Ash Borer) are now streaming the next song on the upcoming «Lustful Vengeance», called «Impure Ceremony» and which you can stream below.

«Lustful Vengeance» is set for release on April 20 via Vrasubatlat (cassette) and Invictus Productions (cd).

Quick updates

Belgium label Consouling Sounds is moving its store on April 21. In order to lighten up the physical load, they have started a promotion of random records. There are three different packages available, one of ten LP for twenty Euros, one of ten CD for 10 Euros, and one of 20 CD for 20 Euros. All packages will consist of randomly selected items from the label’s catalogue, as well as anything else they have on sale through their distro and store overstocks. More information can be found here and here. Below, we have four fantastic records that Consouling has put out (two Belgium, two Dutch) whose cd and vinyl editions are not sold out and therefore eligible to appear on some lucky costumer’s surprise pack.

Gnaw Their Tongues – «Genocidal Majesty» | Released on February 9, 2018, in collaboration with Tartarus Records.

Jozef van Wissem – «Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back» | Released on November 10, 2017.

Dead Neanderthals – «Craters» | Released on March 17, 2017.

Alkerdeel – «Lede» | Released on April 15, 2016.

Moving on to the second quick update, Dark Buddha Rising‘s upcoming EP «II» was scheduled for release via Neurot Recordings tomorrow. Unfortunately, the release has been postponed to April 20. Below, find the EP’s trailer, made by Chariot Of Black Moth.

Pre-orders for «II» are available at this location. Finally, note that on the day before, April 19, Dark Buddha Rising will join forces with their Wastement brethren Oranssi Pazuzu at Roadburn to perform as the Waste Of Space Orchestra. This will be open the main stage on the first day of the festival. It is set to be one of the first two ever Roadburn commissioned performances. The other, Sól án varma, will open the main stage on the last day of the festival and unites Misþyrming, Naðra, Svartidauði, and Wormlust – we’d argue that it’s fair to consider it as the spiritual successor of the acclaimed Úlfsmessa.

For more information about these two specially commissioned performances, we recommend this piece by Ben Handelman for Noisey.

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