News round-up: Finis, Leechfeast, and Witches Brew

A new song of disconcerting black death by Finis, and two sludge records to make this Monday as miserable as possible.

Finis announce «Visions of Doom»

This summer, anonymous German trio Finis will release their debut EP «Visions Of Doom». The upcoming release, whose opening salvo «11 Temple Stones» can be heard below, will thus succeed their 2016 demo «At One With Nothing», which can be heard and ordered here. As «11 Temple Stones» unequivocally demonstrates, the two years passed have left a mark in the trio’s sound. In the new song, there’s just enough balance between space and atmosphere so that the reasonably nuanced black death metal can be properly developed.

«Visions Of Doom» is set for release on June 6 through Iron Bonehead on cd and vinyl formats.

Leechfeast release «Neon Crosses»

According to Leechfeast, the making of «Neon Crosses» was accompanied by a considerable dose of frustration and tension. The result is four songs that induce absolute fucking misery and therefore carry just the necessary tone so as to succeed the band’s previous effort with Meth Drinker. «Neon Crosses» has now been released and can be heard below.

«Neon Crosses» was released last Friday on LP by Dry Cough Records (here) and Rope or Guillotine (here, most likely through the e-mail given) and on cassette by Hellas Recs (here).

Witches Brew unleash ten minutes of filthy, lo-fi sludge

Last Friday, the split uniting Nijmegen duo Witches Brew and Throw Me In The Crater was released and therefore the whole side of Witches Brew can now be below (you can do so below). Although our title might suggest that is all slow music, their fast side is still manifest in moments such as «Trial by Stone» or the second half of «Embers of Satin», with plenty a hint of some bestial sounds to be found. In other words, the fast parts are thankfully as filthy and drenched in feedback as the sludge bits.

The Witches Brew side of the split can be digitally purchased here, while the Throw Me In The Crater one is available here. In the latter location, it is also possible to order the cassette, jointly released in collaboration with Vleesklak Records and Grindfather Productions.

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