News round-up: Dead Neanderthals, Leviathan, and Wound Man

We’ve got news on an ambient / drone piece by a free-jazz based band, a black metal compilation and a couple of powerviolence tunes.

Dead Neanderthals stream «Life»

As we previously mentioned, Dutch free-jazz duo Dead Neanderthals have their first record with neither sax nor drums on the pipeline. Played for the first time last weekend in the Harmonics and Nonadaptive Sounds (captured here by Philomeen Kaan), «Life» can now be streamed below and is a minimalist electronic ambient / drone piece.

The official release for «Life» is set to happen on April 16, with cd and digital pre-orders available at this location. The record was recorded by the band, whilst mixing and mastering happened at the hands of Marlon Wolterink at White Noise Studio. The beautiful artwork seen above was drawn by Alexis Ziritt.

Leviathan announce «Unfailing Fall Into Naught»

Whilst the band hasn’t put out a new LP since the mighty «Scar Sighted» in 2015, the last few months have been rather busy for Leviathan fans. The last piece of news concerns the release of a compilation entitled «Unfailing Fall Into Naught», which comprises the Leviathan side of two “long-out-of-print” splits, namely, the 2006 split with Sapthuran and the 2004 split with Xasthur. This compilation can be heard below and follows in anti-chronological order.

«Unfailing Fall Into Naught» is set for release in cd, digital, LP, and tape formats via Ascension Monuments Media. Pre-orders are available at this location. Upon the announcement of this compilation, the label has also provided an update regarding their other Leviathan compilation entitled «The First Sublevel of Suicide». Apparently, the test pressings were rejected and therefore the release date has been tentatively pushed back to May 15. Unlike the subject of today’s article, this compilation, which can be heard below, includes previously unreleased tracks which later became the material of the legendary demo «The Tenth Sublevel of Suicide». Whilst already sold out in tape format, cd, digital, and vinyl formats can be found at this location.

Finally, recall that Leviathan released a split with Crawl earlier this year through Red River Family, whose digital format is available here.

Wound Man set to release «Prehistory» 7”

Massachusetts powerviolence one-man band Wound Man is set to release a new 7” EP via Iron Lung, entitled «Prehistory». As the label’s press release states, the record deals with the idea that evolution might not necessarily lead to progress, but instead to a “destructive downward spiral ending back at the simian simplicity that started this whole planet draining mess in the first place.” The two first songs can already be heard below, whereas lyrics to the whole EP are available here.

Recorded by the band’s sole member Trevor Vaughan (The Rival Mob, among many other projects) on a four-track cassette and mastered by Will Killingsworth, «Prehistory» is set for release on April 27 by Iron Lung. Vinyl and digital pre-orders are available here.

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