News round-up: Goat, Sadomagickal Seducer, and This White Light

We’ve got news of an upcoming 7” by Goat, the sleaze-obsessed debut by Sadomagickal Seducer and Greg Anderson’s new project This White Light.

Goat to release «Let It Burn» single


Last year, The Guardian released a short documentary entitled «Killing Gävle» about the yearly burning of a thirteen meter goat effigy in the small Swedish town of Gälve. The goat, built every year since 1966 is commissioned by local Christians to celebrate Christmas – something about goats pulling Santa Claus’ sleigh, and who can forget the biblical passages underlying this tradition? – and consequently burned down by non-Christians. Appropriately, the documentary’s soundtrack was done by Swedish psychedelic rock artists Goat, who not only resorted to their back catalogue but composed a new track, «Let It Burn», which is now set to be released as a 7” single and can be heard below.

The 7” will also include a B-side called «Friday Pt. 1», a four-minute excerpt from a “organically evolving, cosmic-jazz, studio jam”. «Let It Burn» is set for release on May 25 through Rocket Recordings.

The documentary, which can be seen at this location, was directed and produced by Joe Fletcher, and commissioned by The Guardian and Docsville.

Sadomagickal Seducer, lo-fi and perversion

Unlike most genres, epic doom a la Candlemass has never had that many practitioners and therefore, when a gem is found, fans rejoice, as they did when Canada’s Palmistry released their first demo last year. Last night, fans of the band received a message through bandcamp‘s messaging system, which allows artists to directly communicate with fans (notifications can be turned on here) and thereby bypass the usual press release cycle, informing of C.B.‘s (guitar, bass, and drums) new project, Sadomagickal Seducer. As the musician puts it, it’s a project influenced by the likes of Profanatica and Ride For Revenge, which he created with “demented friends” of his. Their debut, which the musician notes is “sex-bdsm-oriented” is entilted «Testicular Torture» and can be streamed below.

«Testicular Torture» is set for release through Crypt Of The Wizard on a date to be announced. In the meantime, it’s available here in digital format and “name your own price” system.

Finally, it’s always a good time to return to Palimistry’s demo, which you can do below.

This White Light releases first song

Before there was Goatsnake, Sunn O))), and Southern Lord, Greg Anderson had Engine Kid, where he played the sort of rock that made Slint‘s «Spiderland» a landmark record of the early 90’s. Now, the guitarist has joined forces with former Engine Kid drummer Jade Devitt, Pelican‘s bassist Bryan Herweg, and singer Jen Wood (her solo output can be found here) to form This White Light. The band’s first demo track, «Winter Flowers», can be heard below and, whilst clearly dwelling into more delicate soundscapes, threads some familiar grounds from Anderson and Devitt’s former project.

This White Light is currently recording their debut with Josh Homme at the Pink Duck studios.

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