News round-up: Dylan Carlson, Wømb, and some quick updates

Today, we weave our way through the drone soundscapes of Dylan Carlson, the filthy lo-fi black metal of Wømb and a couple of quick updates regarding Systemik Viølence, Vrasubatlat and the Waste Of Space Orchestra.

Dylan Carlson reveals another track from «Conquistador»


As previously reported here, Dylan Carson is set to release his first LP under his own name «Conquistador» and had already made the record’s fourth track «Scorpions in their Mouths» available for streaming. Now, it’s the second track, «When the horses Were Shorn of Their Hooves» that is available – you can stream it below.

«Conquistador» was released at God City Studios by Kurt Ballou and is set for release on April 27 by Sargent House. Pre-orders are available here (Europe), here (US), and here (digital).

Wømb sets release date for new EP

After releasing a split in each of the last three years, Portuguese raw black metal entity Wømb has announced the impending release of a solo EP entitled «Taciturn». The record is comprised of seven short but extremely nasty tracks of lo-fi black metal, the second of which, «In the Abyss of this Darkness in which the Spirit has Died to Itself», can be heard below.

«Taciturn» is set for vinyl release on June 6 via Purodium Rekords. Pre-orders are available here.

Quick updates

On March 31, Systemik Viølence released their anticipated 7” EP «Anarquia-Violência», about which we talked here. Below, it can be streamed in its entirety, whilst physical copies can be obtained here.

The upcoming trinity of Vrasubalat releases for which we have been anxiously awaiting (check the following texts on Serum Dreg, Dagger Lust, and Adzalaan for more information) can now be ordered at the Fallen Empire store in anticipation of their April 20 release. The records can also be digitally acquired over at the label’s bandcamp page.

As we had noted on a previous text, Dark Buddha Rising will be joining forces with fellow Wastement musicians Oranssi Pazuzu to perform as the Waste Of Space Orchestra at this year’s Roadburn. The band has now announced that the piece they will perform is entitled «Syntheosis». This announcement came accompanied with information regarding the merchandise that shall be available in Tilburg for this special performance (Dark Buddha Rising’s upcoming EP «II» included, if you want to get it one day before its official release).


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