Craft announce new record

For the time being, we’ll return to news pieces with a single topic. We start with news on the upcoming album by Craft, with a few quick updates on other stuff at the end.


In what must be one of the best press releases in recent times, in the sense of its lack of new age bullshit, Swedish black metal band Craft announced their return with the following words “Craft is not, and has never been at rest. We think no more words are needed, instead we will let the music speak for itself.” Accompanying this statement was «The Cosmic Sphere Falls», the opening track of their upcoming album «White Noise and Black Metal», which you can hear below

«White Noise and Black Metal» was produced by the band’s guitarist Joakim Karlsson along with Daniel Liden, who also handled its mixing and mastering. The record is set for release on June 22 via Season of Mist. Pre-orders are available at this location.

Quick updates

As we had reported, the new Melvins record «Pinkus Abortion Technician» was set for release by Ipecac on April 20. Now that the album is officially out, it can be heard in its entirety below and purchased here.

After announcing its full line-up last month, SWR Fest has now released its daily schedule, which you can see below (click here for a larger version). It should also be noted that the previously confirmed Inferno and Concatenatus had to cancel and were replaced by Necrobode and O A K.



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