Aparthiva Raktadhara rise with «Proclamations of the Empty»

Iron Bonehead has just announced the forthcoming release of the debut demo by Aparthiva Raktadhara, a noisy black / death trio stemming from the same West Bengal scene from which Tetragrammacide cropped up (recall their thunderous debut LP here). The demo, entitled «Agyat Ishvar» spans three pieces over the course of thirteen minutes, the last of which, «Proclamations of the Empty», can be heard below.

«Agyat Ishvar» is set for release as a 7” vinyl on July 21 via Iron Bonehead. According to the demo’s press release, a subsequent EP to be released via the same channel is under preparation.

Quick Update

A couple of months ago, we excitedly reported on the upcoming release of «Kolme toista», the third LP from Finnish death metal band Oksennus. Last week, the record premiered exclusively on Invisible Oranges (the website has recently launched a Patreon, which we recommend, more informations here) and has since become available for stream through bandcamp, which you can do below.

«Kolme toista» is available through Nuclear War Now! here (cassette, cd and vinyl format), Caligari Records here (cassette only) and Oksennus’ bandcamp (digital only).

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