Necros Christos unleash final album

They took their time writing it and it shows. The final album from German death metal innovators Necros Christos, «Domedon Doxomedon» has been released and can be streamed in all its one hundred and thirteen minutes-long entirety. The 999 symbolism the band has often invoked in the past is blatantly present, with nine temples, nine gates and nine tracks of monumental, progressive death metal. We will have a review later next week of what is arguably one of the finest records of extreme music to have been released this year. Until then, there’s plenty to digest below.

«Domedon Doxomedon» is available in digital format here and in triple cd and triple LP via Sepulchral Voice Records at their store.

Quick Update

For those who are okay with using services such as spotify or apple for their streaming endeavours, the new G A S record «Rausch» is available for streaming over at Spin. You can read more about it here, and order it here in both vinyl and digital formats.


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