Wolvennest release «Void»

When a band’s first record features Albin Julius and Marthynna from Der Blutharsch and The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand as guest co-writers, that’s as good as indication as any that said band possesses something special. That’s the case with Belgian collective Wolvennest and their 2016 debut «WLVNNST», then jointly released by Ván Records and WéMè Records. Two years later, the first properly solo Wolvennest album has been finalised and released today. Spanning about one hour, «Void» was recorded in Wolvennest’s studiol, subsequently mixed and mastered at the Opus Magnum Studios. Moreover, it features fellow Ván Records artist Alexander von Meilenwald (the mastermind behind The Ruins Of Beverast) in its fourth track, «L’Heure Noire».

«Void» was released today courtesy of Ván Records and can be ordered at this location in vinyl and cd formats, whilst its digital version is available here. The cover artwork was crafted by Bobby Beausoleil.

A free release show is scheduled to take place at Beursschouwburg in Brussels today at 20:30. More information can be found in the concert’s event. Wolvennest is further set to join Wolves In The Throne Room in July for the last week of their upcoming tour. Dates can be seen below, whilst event details and tickets can be obtained here.


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