Thou and Ragana ask for their names to be forgotten

What will surely be known as the Summer of Thou has now been gone for a week. It took less than that for Thou to release their fifth record of the year, this time around a split with Oakland based doom duo Ragana, whose 2017 release «You Take Nothing» and European tour gathered them some more than deserved fans around the old continent. The record is entitled «Let Our Names Be Forgotten», comprises three Ragana and two Thou songs spanning around half an hour of doom imbued with grunge’s melancholy (and a delicious blackened passage during Ragana’s third song).

«Let Our Names Be Forgotten» was released on September 25 through An Out Recordings in the US and Feast Of Tentacles in Europe. The American vinyl versions were briefly available here, where you can also find a digital version, and here, but have since sold out. Additional copies are available for pre-order through Deathwish Inc here and more will soon be available through Feast Of Tentacles at this location.


Finally, at the end of November, Thou is set to embark on a west coast US tour with a rather interesting partner, namely, ambient pop artist MJ Guider, whose work can be checked out here. The tour will include a couple of acoustic Thou shows, something that will also happen in Europe when the band sets up residence at Tilburg’s Roadburn.

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