Label update: Haeresis Noviomagi

Tomorrow, three artists from within the Haeresis Noviomagi fold are set to release new records, in a joint effort between the Dutch label and Eisenwald.

First, there’s «Fertile Descent», the debut full-length of Solar Temple. The duo comprised of O. (Turia, Iskandr, Lubbert Das, and Paean) and M. (Fluisteraars), released its debut demo «Rays Of Brilliance» last year, a fifteen minute song of lo-fi psychadelia in black metal form. It was simple, yet rather effective. Below, listen to «Fertile Descent», which the label states “takes the foundation laid with the 2017 demo, «Rays of Brilliance» and expands on its reverberant nature. Subtly giving the nod to a wide variety of bands ranging from contemporary dutch black metal to Swans, it weaves a veiled path for the listener.

Second, O.‘s solo outfit Iskandr, is set to release its second full-length, «Euprosopon». The new title succeeds the «Heilig Land» LP and «Zon» EP from 2016. However, as it is immediately clear after listening to the record, available for stream in its entirety over at CVLT Nation, the leap in songwriting is bigger than what one might expect given the chronological proximity. A discrepancy perhaps explained by the fact that «Heilig Land» and «Zon» were recorded in sessions spread throughout the 2012-2015 years. Another point of departure from the previous outputs is the fact that M. assisted in the production and was the session drummer.

Artwork for «Euprosopon»

The record’s title «Euprosopon» refers to the “impossibility of the ideal man,” an idea thematically juxtaposed to the aim of “formulating new concepts of heroism,” seen thus as “necessary to preserve ideas of strife and longing in an age of eternal devaluation.” The album is further described as a departure from previous recordings with “more pronounced songwriting, confrontational attitude and triumphant regal flourishes,” with three classic Norwegian records cited as main influences, namely, «Eld» by Enslaved, «Dark Sorcery» by Aeternus, and «…Again Shall Be» by Hades.

Finally, there’s «De Oord», the split between Turia and Fluisteraars that does not sound like a split in the sense that, for instance, the Turia / Vilkacis split released earlier this year did. Unlike the aforementioned record, «De Oord» sounds more like a full-length record recorded by Haeresis Noviomagi artists whose execution just happens to be split in two. An impression that is surely not detached from the fact both bands went to the same studio simultaneously to record and produce the record. Moreover, they decided to focus their inspiration on the region of The Netherlands where they grew, Gelderland. As the press release explains, “the album deals with the two primary rivers, the Waal and the Rhine, that mark the area around Arnhem and Nijmegen, their respective hometowns,” with the title being an old Dutch word to describe the region where the rivers meet. Both sides of the split can now be streamed over at Stereogun.

Artwork for «De Oord», by B. Mollema.

The three records will be available in cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders for all three records can be found as follows: for Solar Temple’s «Fertile Descent», here (digital, cd, and vinyl) and here (cd and vinyl), for Iskandr’s «Euprosopon» here (digital, cd, and vinyl) and here (cd and vinyl), for Fluisteraars & Turia’s «De Oord» here (digital, cd, and vinyl), here (digital), and here (cd and vinyl).

Further notice that both full-lengths of Fluisteraars, «Luwte» and «Dromers»  have been repressed in vinyl format and are also available through Eisenwald at this location.

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