News round-up: Akitsa, Evoken, and Hissing

We take a look at three upcoming Profound Lore releases.


Canadian black metal giants Akitsa will soon be bringing their longest silent period to an end by releasing their sixth full-length record, «Credo», their first since 2015’s «Grands tyrans». The album was written in its entirety by O.T., who shared lyrics-writing duties with both Néant and long time band associate and graphic designer Valnoir. According to the press release, the mixing, mastering, and post-production work of Arthur Rizk (who has previously worked with Arizmenda and Volahn, among others) plays a critical role on «Credo», “adding clarity to the sound without sacrificing the raw violence that has long characterized Akitsa’s music.” That this is indeed so can be confirmed below, by streaming the third and fourth tracks of «Credo», «Le monde et ma bile» and «Espoir vassal» respectively.

«Credo» is set for release on October 12 through Profound Lore (digital and cd) and Hospital Productions (cassette and vinyl). Pre-orders are available here (digital and cd), here (black vinyl), and here (cassette). Both the picture disc and coloured vinyl editions have already sold out. Finally, note that Akitsa, alongside Old Tower and Clay Rendering, will be playing a release show for «Credo» on October 17 in Saint Vitus, New York. More information can be found at this location.



Not only Akitsa, but also New Jersey funeral doom quintet Evoken is gearing up to the release of their sixth full-length, «Hypnagogia». As drummer and lyricist Vince Verkay explains, «Hypnagogia» shall be the band’s concept album and deals with the story of a first world war soldier who, while losing his life, “was so bitter about being lied to” that he decided to “write a journal of his final hours, describing what he sees and what he feels as his life is slipping away.” The frustration then leads the solider to make “a pact with a sadistic god that he can leave a part of his soul, which contains all of his suffering, within this journal”, attaining his vengeance on mankind by the fact the act of reading the journal releases that part of its author’s soul onto the reader, who then experiences “each emotion as if they too were there.” Finally, the readers, overwhelmed by the experience are bound to take their own life, thus making the journal stronger as it also absorbs the misery-laden soul of the reader. All this, the drummer explains, is “used metaphorically about events that impacted me the past three years, which I will keep to myself.” Below, you can get a glimpse into a part of this story by listening to the second track of «Hypnagogia», «Valorous Consternation».

«Hypnagogia» is set for release through Profound Lore on November 9 on cd, digital, and double vinyl formats. Pre-orders for cd and digital copies are available here.


After news on black metal and funeral doom records, we move on to the world of Hissing, the Seattle based black / death trio who released this lovely split with Sutekh Hexen last year. The upcoming addition to their discography, which thus far also included two EP and a demo, goes by the name of «Permanent Destitution» and will be their first full-length record. Below, you’ll find approximately ten minutes of blistering dissonance in the form of the third and fourth tracks (out of a total of six) of «Permanent Destitution».

«Permanent Destitution» will be officially released on October 26 through Profound Lore on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here (cd and vinyl, European store), here (cd and vinyl, US store), and here (cd and digital).

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