Camera’s emotional detox has begun

Cover photo by Camera


The Berlin based collective known as Camera, upon whom the moniker of “krautrock guerilla” was once bestowed, will be releasing «Emotional Detox», their fourth full-length record, next month. It will be their first record as a quintet, after two as a trio and one as a duo, with Michael Drummer being this time around joined by the returning keyboardist Timm Brockmann, Steffen Kahles, Andreas Miranda, and Michel Collet. Below, you can listen to upcoming album’s second track, «Patrouille», an exercise in motorik experimentation with synthetic cinematic overtones (think Grails meets synthwave) clocking over the ten minute mark.

According to the press release, the time has come for us (one presumes) to allow “Camera to break free from the krautrock tradition and accept that they are very much doing their own thing,” further adding as an example that the album’s fourth track «Himmelhilf» is more akin to the My Bloody Valentine sound than to, say, Harmonia (there’s a minute long snipped of the song at this location, so feel free to check the comparison for yourself). As for an overarching explanation of the title, it is stated that “we live in an age when everything happens at the same time,” and that the “temptation to see connections everywhere can be overwhelming, the speed at which information travels slows us down. «Emotional Detox» encourages us to disregard these multiple distractions.” Concluding that, “that’s when detoxification kicks in.”

«Emotional Detox» is set for release through Bureau B on November 16 on cd, digital, and vinyl formats.

Quick Updates

Last week, we wrote about the then upcoming EP by Portuguese noise-rock meets hardcore quartet Don’t Disturb My Circles, «Lower Canopy». As we mentioned then, the EP, a joint release of Regulator Records and Ring Leader, is now available for streaming below and can be digitally purchased here.

It seems that Those Poor Bastards have recorded the successor of «Sing It Ugly» and will be releasing it in the upcoming months. The information stems from a post made on the band’s page, which also announced the album’s title to be «Inhuman Nature».

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