On Glacial Tomb’s upcoming self-titled debut

Cover photo by Alvino Salcedo.


Ever since their debut EP «Cognitive Erosion», released in April 2017, Glacial Tomb have been a rather busy band, playing live at a regular pace, releasing this cover of Aus-Rotten’s «Fuck Nazi Sympathy» and donating all proceedings to organisations like the ACLU and NAACP, toured with Immortal Bird, recorded the «Sunless Dawn» single, and their debut record, which is now about to be released by Gilead Media. Further note that this doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that the band’s guitarist and vocalist Ben Hutcherson is also active in Khemmis, who weren’t exactly idle around this time.

Normally, we wouldn’t put to much of an emphasis on the release of both singles as we did above, but this time around they are an important piece of the story, the first as it exemplifies the overt political leanings of the Colorado based trio, and the second as, according to their CVLT Nation interview, the recording of «Sunless Dawn» was the moment where they finally felt they found their own sound, one they characterise as “a mixture of discordant, chugging death metal and sorrowful black metal melodies.

All this brings us to the upcoming self-titled record, whose second track «Breath of Pestilence» you can hear below. It was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dave Otero at Flatline studio during the summer, features artwork by Nanda Dika and guest vocals by SkinlessSherwood Webber on the song «Drowned».

«Glacial Tomb» will be released on October 26 by Gilead Media on cd, digital, and vinyl formats, with pre-orders available at this location. The band has also mentioned, in response to a fan, that there will be a tape edition, although no further details have been given at the time of this piece’s writing.

Quick Update – Minority Threat

A few hours east of Denver, in Ohio, punk hardcore quartet Minority Threat released their first EP, which you can stream below, since 2015’s «Culture Control». Although originally planned for release last Saturday, September 29, the day before Bandcamp was donating all its proceeds to the Voting Rights Project, which lead the band to anticipate the release of the self-titled EP by one day.

So far, no physical edition has been announced. Digital copies are available here.

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