Those Poor Bastards release «Inhuman Nature»

In early October, before taking some time off, we had reported that Those Poor Bastards had announced the completion of the recording of a record entitled «Inhuman Nature». The record’s pre-orders were subsequently opened during said time off and its opening track «Snake Tongue Deceiver» revealed. Today is the album’s release and, to mark the occasion, the band has made it available for stream, which you can do below. As the band tells it, «Inhuman Nature» is a record that “finds Lonesome Wyatt and The Minister performing an unflinching autopsy into the fathomless evil of the monster called man. Hints of early rock ‘n’ roll and punk seep into the murky cracks of their sound to create a sinister hybrid of uneasy listening.

«Inhuman Nature» was released today by Tribulation Recording Co. and is available in cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats at this location.

Quick update

If you checked the link in the first line of this article, it was on an article regarding Camera‘s «Emotional Detox», which had a quick note about «Inhuman Nature». Today, we’re reversing roles to simply note that «Emotional Detox», about which we talked in detail in said piece, has been released today and can be heard below.

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