Sunn O))) announce 2019 European tour

Drone giants Sunn O))) have announced their first European tour of 2019 (with emphasis on the first, per Southern Lord Europe‘s comment on their Instagram account). As shown in the picture below, the formation for the upcoming tour consists of core O))) members and guitar yielders Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson alongside Dutch musician (and the band’s valve guru, as mentioned in Etienne Ni Mhaille‘s press release) Tos Nieuwenhuizen, who’ll be playing moog. The tour will be split in two parts (list available here). First, a series of large venues in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and The Netherlands, followed by an eight-day tour of France, the band’s first. Support will vary throughout the tour, with four performances by Puce Mary and France, three by Golem Mecanique, and one each by Lingua Ignota and Robin Fox presents: Single Origin.


The announcement also confirmed that Sunn O)))’s Summer recordings at Steve Ablini‘s Electric Audio will lead to their first full-length since «Kannon». To be more precise, the announcement refers to “to-be-revealed-but-recently-completed two 2019 album epics,” so we also have that to look forward to.

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