Portrayal Of Guilt release «Let Pain Be Your Guide»

Texas based post-hardcore trio portrayal of guilt released «Let Pain Be Your Guide», their debut full-length last Friday through Gilead Media and Holy Roar Records, one that is poised to please both fans of hardcore with overt black metal leanings, as well as those with an inclination towards the screamo end of the spectrum. It thus stands as the band’s second release of the year, following a short but extremely intense split with Street Sects (digitally available here).

«Let Pain Be Your Guide» was recorded on a 48-hour period alongside Majority Rule‘s Matt Michel, features artwork by Chris Taylor from Pg.99, and guest appearances from Michel himself, his Nø Man‘s bandmate Maha Shami, and Full Of Hell‘s Dylan Walke. Copies of the record can be found at the online stores of Gilead Media, here (cd only), and of Holy Roar, here (cd, digital, and vinyl).

Quick update: Seirom

Last week, we mentioned that Seirom was about to release «Slow Waves». The album is now available in digital format at this location, and can be streamed below. If you want to listen to what the mastermind of projects like Gnaw Their Tongues calls a “unashamed FUCK YEAH of a song,” get yourself to «alive», the record’s fourth track.

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