Seirom revals tracks from «Slow Waves»

Seirom, the rather personal ambient project of Gnaw Their Tongues’s compositor Mories, is gearing up to the release of its first full-length album since 2016’s «I Was So Sad». Entitled «Slow Waves», the album is set to come out still this year, although no release date or label were thus far announced. Nevertheless, both its second track, «All Light», and closing piece, «24/12/87», are now available for streaming, which you can do so below.

Finally, notice that the band’s website has been recently updated and includes links for streaming of all twelve Seirom records thus far, as well as where to obtain physical editions in the four cases where that’s applicable, namely, «1973», «Sparkle Night», «And the light swallowed everything», and «Mesmerized».

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