Jibóia releases video for «Diapente»

Psychedelic outfit Jibóia (Portuguese for boa constrictor) is gearing to release its fourth record (the previous three can be found here), «OOOO». In it, band’s mastermind Óscar Silva is joined by drummer and regular collaborator Ricardo Martins (Pop Dell’Arte and Lobster, among many, many others) and multi-disciplinary artist Mestre André, a move that is described in the record’s press release as going deep “into interconnecting his music with other musicians/past collaborators.” In other words, he attempted to retain the Jibóia sound – “a fluent and rich dialogue between outer-world sounds mixed with a free jazz approach to rock, living in the limbo between what is fiction and reality” – whilst directly infusing it with the personal touches of his collaborators.

Yesterday, a video for the record’s second track «Diapente» was released and can be viewed below. It was filmed at Bobadela back in September and features a bunch of people (they’re all listed in the video’s description, here) in the costumes for the play «Palhaço Rico Fode Palhaço Pobre» (Portuguese for “rich clown fucks poor clown”) by Nuno Alexandre Ferreira and João Pedro Vale.

However, «Diapente» is not the first track from «OOOO» to be made public. That would be its opener «Diatessaron», which you can hear below – the record’s artwork done by Margarida Borges can also be viewed in the soundcloud player.

«OOOO» is the result of a series of three live events at Lisbon’s Damas. In each night, the trio played improvisational sets based on ideas that one of the musicians had prepared. The press release goes on to explain that the album’s fourth and final piece, «Topos», is not meant to be a conclusive summing up of the experience, but rather a “open circuit of ideas that reinforces the free-minded rock that the three musicians explore.

«OOOO» is set for release in digital and vinyl formats on November 30 through Discrepant Records. Pre-orders are available at this location.

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