Triumvir Foul announce «Urine of Abomination»

Vrasubatlat has announced that its twenty-fourth release will be Triumvir Foul‘s new EP entitled «Urine of Abomination». The prolific duo here known as Ad Infinitum and Cedentibus is thus set to return almost two years after their second LP, «Spiritual Bloodshed», with a release that is said to showcase their “more caustic elements to date,” as can be gathered by listening to «Urine of Abomination I» below.

However, as the album’s press release puts it, to properly contextualise «Urine of Abomination» in Triumvir Foul’s discography, one must return to 2014’s debut demo «An Oath of Blood and Fire», whose “more traditional death metal tendencies” the new record “fuses with more bestial black/death destruction.” All while taking a “direct approach in discussing the obliteration of the godhead and humiliating him in piss.”

«Urine of Abomination» is set for release via Vrasubatlat alongside Invictus Productions on March 29 on cassette, cd, and vinyl formats. Its harsh noise elements and interludes were created by D. F., who is also responsible for the release’s layout and design. The cover artwork displayed above is authored by Abomination Hammer.

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