Label update: Vrasubatlat

As previously reported on this page, Vrasubatlat black death duo Triumvir Foul will release a new EP entitled «Urine of Abomination» on late March. Ahead of its release on the coming Friday, the label has made the entirety of the EP available for streaming, which you can do below, and opened its pre-orders.

«Urine of Abomination» is set for release on March 29 through Vrasubatlat (cassette and digital) and Invictus (cd and vinyl). Pre-orders for all physical formats can be found here, whilst the digital version is already available through the bandcamp link above.

On the same day, the Portland label is also set to release «Cervix Remnants in Diocese», the third offering of noise-mongers Filth Column, who make good on their promise of a “constantly shifting line-up”, made upon the release of «Crown Drenched In Filth» (more on that here), with E.W. the sole credited author this time around (mastering by K. and artwork by D.F. being the other credits given). According to its press release, the new record comprises “two tracks in despondent electronic terrain unheard before in previous Filth Column releases and live aktions and again with a different progenitor than before as well. Cerebral disarray emerge from this sonic cloud of anxiety to drown the morally conscious.

«Cervix Remnants in Diocese» will be released by Vrasubatlat on March 29. So far, only a digital version has been announced, which can be obtained here.

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