News update: Vrasubatlat

Last year in December, Vrasubatlat revealed one of its harshest entities, Filth Column. Then a collaboration between R. F. on guitars and vocals and D. S. on noise duties, it blended the harrowing minimalism of power electronics with black metal elements to deconstruct the latter in horrifying manner. Yesterday, the second Filth Column release, entitled «Crowned Master» and consisting of a single song, was unveiled and can be streamed below.

It must be pointed out that «Crowned Master» is not the work of either R. F. and D.S., but exclusively of M. C., thus marking, in the label’s words, “the expansion of the entity’s membership and a constantly shifting lineup.” It should also be noted that the approximately twenty minutes-long piece contains very little of black metal in its noisy being. «Crowned Master» can be digitally acquired here.

Another Vrasubatlat project has recorded its sophmore release with a different formation, namely, Pissblood. The then quintet opened up their hostilities in late 2016 with «Fevered Dreams of Delirium», four quick and to the point onslaughts of filthy d-beat. In a couple of weeks and bolstering a renewed formation from which only core label elements M (vocals and guitars) and R (drums) remain, Pissblood will release their self-titled debut LP, from which «Purged Blood» can already be heard below. The major shift from «Fevered Dreams of Delirium» which is suggested by this track is clearly the vocals, which is to be expected due to SVN‘s departure.

«Pissblood» is set for release on June 4. Both «Crowned Master» and «Pissblood» will be available in cassette format through the Vrasubatlat webstore. This will happen in steps, first with a so-called pre-release edition limited to 30 copies in early June, and second with a pro-press edition in late June, which the label states is likely to consist of 200 copies each. The latter edition will happen alongside with the release of Utzalu‘s second full-length «Idiot Hell», the successor to last year’s «The Loins of Repentance», which can be heard here and purchased at this location.

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