Gnaw Their Tongues release new EP

When an artist has a plethora of different outfits with which to release music, that tends to mean that each moniker has a reasonably well-defined approach. This, to a certain extent, applies to Mories – by now it’s sort of clear what we’re going to get when a new Cloak of Altering, De Magia Veterum, or Pyriphlegethon record comes out. This is also true with Gnaw Their Tongues, just on a broader, less genre-bound way. Case in point, «Aan het licht teruggeven», the band’s new EP, which you can stream below.

From the distortion-laden bass lines, to the symphonic/choir-like overtones, and vocals, everything in the new EP is classic Gnaw Their Tongues. However, the pacing is completely different from the last few record, with «Aan het licht teruggeven» (Dutch for “Given back to the light”) developing as a dirge in a way that is more akin to funeral doom than with an onslaught of programmed blasts.

«Aan het licht teruggeven – Part 1» was recorded in 2015 and was then set to be a part of a split that never got released. The second and third parts of the EP were later recorded in 2017. The entirety of «Aan het licht teruggeven» is available digitally in the “name your price” system at this location. No physical edition has been announced.

Quick update

The new Pharaoh Overlord record, «Zero», about which we reported here back in March, has since been released and can be purchased in cd and vinyl formats via Ektro Records (here) and Hydra Head Records (here). To be able to hear the record beforehand, head on over to The Quietus.

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