Scúru Fitchádu reveals third single from debut album

Portugal is currently in the middle of necessary a cycle of media attention towards situations of police brutality towards minorities and those at the suffering end of inequality. Enter Scúru Fitchádu, the project by Almada based artist Sette Sujidade, that since its inception in 2015 has been transforming funaná music by filtering it through a “furious locomotive of punk aesthetics.” As the debut album «Un kuza runhu» (“Someting bad”) looms closer – it’s currently slated for a Summer release – more among its thirteen tracks see the light of day. The latest is entitled «Oji Txuba ta txobê Molotova» (something like “Molotvs are raining today”) and its video can be seen below. As the musician explained in an interview with Portuguese website Rimas E Batidas, “the song’s underlying message is a huge ‘ENOUGH’. It’s pure and blunt insurrection. It’s years and years of the act of getting beat up in silent, years of oppression of the more fragile, peripheral communities. One day, saturation will bite them in the ass…

The video for «Oji Txuba ta txobê Molotova» was directed by João Garrinhas, for Outros Ângulos. As mentioned, this is the third single from «Un kuza runhu» to have been released so far. The two others are «Simentera d’Homis» and «Sorrizu Margôs», whose videos you can see below and were also directed by João Garrinhas.

Finally, recall the first self-titled EP by Scúru Fitchádu, released in 2016, below. Its digital version is available free of charge at this location.

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