Revel on classic doom with Palmistry’s «Descent»

Canadian doom duo Palmistry will release their debut full-length this upcoming Friday, entitled «Behold!», and which, given how auspicious a first demo they had in 2017 (available in digital form here), must be deemed a highly anticipated one. Its first track, «Descent», a gloomy eight-minute long procession through old-school doom, can already be heard below.

«Behold!» is set for official release on February 8 on digital format, whose pre-orders are available at this location. So far, no physical release has been announced, nor has any label’s involvement.

One encounters many omens throughout one’s life. Harbingers of an impending fall…warnings about paths best left untrodden…

Yet every ill-fated step was irrevocably etched deeply into the lines on thy palm.

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