Bergraven to release first album in a decade

We are exactly one month away from release of the fourth Bergraven album, «Det framlidna minnet», their first in ten years, i.e., since the acclaimed «Till makabert väsen». That’s not to say that the trio hasn’t been busy, as they released four full-length records as Stilla (all are available at this location), a project more geared towards traditional forms of black metal. Their return as Bergraven thus hails a renewed dive onto the wilder fringes of black metal since the band is, as put in the record’s press release “an altogether more complex, ethereal beast.” One can then expect “unusual song structures and jazz-inspired passages,” elements that can be glimpsed below in «Minnets melankoli», the fourth track of «Det framlidna minnet».

At its core, the record is said to deal with memories. More concretely, it is said to deal with “their fluid nature and how the healthy human spirit builds a wall around itself with carefully adjusted memoires and yet sometimes the system corrupts and memories become ghosts that aunt their hosts with regret and despair.

«Det framlidna minnet» is set for release on March 8 through Nordvis Produktion in cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available at this location.

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