All Your Sisters announce «Trust Ruins»

Cover photo by Jess Garten.
California post-punk quartet All Your Sisters have announced their second record through the highly regarded The Flenser label. «Trust Ruins», their third overall full-length, picks up right where they left off with the release of «Uncomfortable Skin», in the sense that the months that follow the aforementioned record had a paramount effect on the writing of the new record. As explained in the press release of «Trust Ruins», “in the final two months of 2016, then residing in San Francisco, Morrison experienced the elation of becoming engaged in tandem with the fatal drug overdose of his brother-in-law.” Another event from that period which had a profound effect on the band’s founder was the Ghost Ship warehouse fire, “which claimed the lives of many in the Bay Area music scene.” Below, listen to «Dividing Lines», the first track from «Trust Ruins» to be made available.

«Trust Ruins» was engineered by Jack Shirley and is said to be a “dark, dynamic assortment of songs that pushes far past nostalgia to create something new.” Something new where “punchy electronic drums provide a foundation for layers of dreamy piano, howling guitars, brooding synths, and Morrison’s commanding croon that often unravels into a yell.” It is set for release on April 12 through The Flenser in vinyl format, with pre-orders available at this location for American costumers, and at this location, through Throatruiner / Deathwish Europe, for the European ones.

Above, we left out another harrowing 2016 event that helps shape «Trust Ruins» and that is the election of the little orange proto fascist in chief that currently symbolises idiocy in the United States. This, together with the aforementioned events, led to “a sense of inescapable doom and dystopia,” which led frontman Morrison to “re-examine the direction of his life.” We leave you with his own words on what this all came to mean.

This record is about making hard life choices, living with those decisions, and the struggle to live life on life’s terms. If I die tomorrow, I don’t want any regrets.

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