Witness Bellrope’s amplifier abuse in «TD200»

In 2016, Black Shape of Nexus ceased to exist. From those ashes, Bellrope rose months later, a band that describes themselves as “the total absence of tonal sanity” and describe their actions as “Amp hauling. Amp abusing.” In other words, the legacy of the authors of «Negative Black» is alive and well. Their debut album, «You Must Relax», is coming out later this month and, last week, the band unveiled its fourth track, «TD200», which you can hear below.

Below, you can see the artwork of «You Must Relax» and recall «Old Overholt», its second track, which the band had released on a previous date.

«You Must Relax» will be released on February 22 via Exile on Mainstream on cd and vinyl (pre-orders available here), and via Fucking Kill on cassette (pre-orders available here). The digital version can be pre-ordered at this location.

Further note that in April, Exile of Mainstream will celebrate its twentieth anniversary with two events, one in Leipzig with a four day festival featuring the likes of dälek, Obelyskkh, and Ostinato, and the other at the Roadburn Festival, in Tilburg. Bellrope are set to perform on April 6 in the former and on April 13 in the latter. You can find more information about these events here and here, respectively.


BELLROPE don’t need to charge their sonic urgency with ideology. And, yes that’s what their sound is: sheer unbearable urgency – riffs, born from massive heaviness, thrown from membranes in repetitive manner and pumped out in trifle-less volume. If volume ever was a political statement it finds its perfect illustration here.
From the band’s website.

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