dälek to release «Respect to the Authors» EP

Cover photo by Honza walda Valík.
As mentioned in the Bellrope piece, Exile on Mainstream are celebrating their twentieth birthday with a festival in which dälek is set to perform. The collaboration between the German label and the American hip-hop collective will extend beyond the performance and include the release of the latter’s newest EP, «Respect To The Authors». Among the six tracks that comprise «Respect To The Authors» is «Molten», previously released as a digital single mere days before the now infamous 2016 elections, a disgusting process which certainly influenced the song, as exemplified in the lines “Sick of, Simplified Slogans / For minds that ain’t open / I’m tired muthafuka, I told you I’m done hoping.

«Respect To The Authors» will be released in a vinyl-only edition (“no CD, no download, no digital at all – keep it analogue!” to cite the press release) on March 22 by Exile on Mainstream. Pre-orders can be found here (Europe) and here (US).

Despite their presence at Exile on Mainstream‘s festival, dälek will not perform on their Roadburn event. However, their presence will be felt in Tilburg’s festival on April 13 when Will Brooks takes the stage alongside Aaron Turner and Dennis Tyfus for an exclusive live collaboration under the alias of Doolhof. You can find more information about Doolhof’s performance at this location.


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