Inter Arma announce «Sulphur English»

Richmond doom quintet Inter Arma have announced the upcoming release of their fourth-full length, «Sulphur English», one they describe as “an ill-tempered, unrepentant act of defiance towards stagnation and complacency. We create this music on our own terms and we refuse to compromise our collective vision, for better or worse.” Below, you can listen to the album’s third track, «Citadel».

Vocalist Mike Paparo has described the song’s lyrics as written “as a sort of clarion call to myself about overcoming depression and the demons that manifest with it.” Said lyrics are already available here, and with lines such as “Can I shake free the detritus of these countless, vagrant years? / Can I harness the wild flame that lays dormant deep within?” and the final call-to-arms of “I will break free from captivity. / I will weather the storm. / I will shake free from detritus. / I will harness the wild flame.” that intent becomes quite clear.

«Sulphur English» is set for release on April 12 via Relapse Records on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available at this location.

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