Round-up: Planning For Burial, Witches Brew, SWR Fest

While Thursdays are not usually heavy on official releases, two bands made an exception for this February 14 and SWR Barroselas Metalfest has announced the final line-up for this year’s edition.

Planning For Burial release «(continued)»

One of today’s leading inducers of gloom though art, Planning For Burial, have released a special Valentine’s Day drone single entitled «(continued)». The pieces, «(continued)» and «(something…)», consist of an “extended version / proper recording” of a drone piece that has been feature in the band’s recent live performances, more often than not as a bridge between two songs from «Below The House», namely «Threadbare» and «Dull Knife pt. II».

«(continued)» can be found on cd and digital format at this location, with the cd version available through Glowing Window Recordings. Finally, note that an earlier and shorter version of the record appears on the destroyed cassette version of «Below The House».

Witches Brew release self-titled album

As we announced last week when dissecting it, today is the day to dive head-first in the bile and misery that is Witches Brew‘s self-titled debut. Below, you can listen to the Nijmegen duo full-length debut in its entirety.

«Witches Brew» was released today, February 14, on cassette format via Levertraan. It can be ordered here.

SWR Fest 22 final line-up announced

In recent years, it has become a habit for SWR Barroselas Metalfest to not only feature a slew of mighty names on its main and secondary stage, but also an invasion from deeper in the underground in its SWR Arena free stage. This year’s edition already had its main and secondary stage acts all confirmed – they are headlined by the likes of Godflesh, Saint Vitus, Benediction, and Craft – and all that was left to announce were the names that will play the Arena. The list of twenty names features two that we have talked about before in this space, namely Crowhurst and Scúru Fitchádu, as well as Portuguese grind legends Grog, doom / hard rock duo Son Of Cain, and metal punks Roädscüm. Below, find the poster featuring all bands confirmed to the festival’s 22nd edition. Further information, daily distribution included, can be found at this location.


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