Ruin Lust release «Sacrifice»

Sometimes, a release comes so out of nowhere that dropping whatever it is that one’s doing to go listen to it is the only obvious response. Today, New York war metal trio Ruin Lust, featuring M. Rekevics of Fell Voices, Vilkacis, and Yellow Eyes fame on drums and vocals, have returned from their six-year discographic slumber by simply releasing their new full-length record, «Sacrifice», which you can hear below.

«Sacrifice» was released on February 14 on cassette and digital formats, both of which can be acquired here. It should be noted that «Sacrifice» does not constitute a new recording by the band. It was originally recorded in 2014 and subsequently mixed in 2017 by Travis Bacon, with Andrew Oswald handling mastering duties. However, according to this post by Psychic Violence, who had released the band’s self-titled debut in 2013, «Sacrifice» is only the first of two albums by the band to be released very soon.

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