News round-up: Bellrope, Hell, Inter Arma, and Primitive Man

We’re closing down the work week with a round-up of new music within that sweet, sweet intersection between the extreme heavy and the extreme slow.

Bellrope release «You Must Relax»

Today marks the release of Bellrope‘s debut album, about which we wrote in more detail here. By now, we have two questions to answer, namely, is there a better instruction to start one’s weekend than the title of their album and is there better company for doing so than said album? To the first, we give a tentative yes, to the second we’ll wait a few days as these things take time to digest. In any case, rejoice with all five tracks that comprise «You Must Relax».

«You Must Relax» was released today, February 22, by Exile on Mainstream and Fucking Kill. It can be ordered here (cd, digital, and vinyl, via Exile on Mainstream) and here (cassette, via Fucking Kill).

Inter Arma reveal another track from «Sulphur English»

We are less than two months away from the release of Inter Arma‘s fourth album, «Sulphur English». After revealing its third track, «Citadel», about which we wrote here, the band has now teamed up with Adult Swim to reveal the record’s fifth track, «Stillness», which you can listen to at this location after hitting those eyes a couple of times. The song is therefore 27th of the current Adult Swim Singles series, which also features the likes of Autechre and Integrity.

In contrast with «Citadel», «Stillness» makes heavy use of acoustic guitars. The employment of acoustic instrumentation is not a singular occurrence in «Sulphur English», as the press release explains, “few metal bands have ever made such effective use of acoustic instruments in truly heavy environments as Inter Arma do; the acoustic guitar that stitches “Stillness” together is as effective as any overdriven bass; a two-minute gloomy piano-and-feedback piece titled “Observances of the Path” rolls out the carpet for “The Atavist’s Meridian,” an album highlight that rides a gigantic, roomy drum sound into realms akin to a murkier Paradise Lost, a more aggressive Om, and a dreamier, more stoned Kylesa all playing together at once.


«Sulphur English» is set for release on April 12 via Relapse Records on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available at this location.

Listen to the new Hell and Primitive Man split in its entirety.

Today, Hell and Primitive Man are releasing their new split, featuring a track from the former and two from the latter. Last time we wrote about it, the second Primitive Man song, «Pitful & Loathsome», hadn’t been made available for streaming yet. Now it is and you can listen to it below. It’s all lovely, trust us.

Further recall the Hell side of the split, titled «Nuumen».

«Hell / Primitive Man» was released today, February 22, via Translation Loss in vinyl format. It can be ordered at this location.

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