Invictus Productions to release Grave Infestation debut

The last day of 2018 saw the digital release of «Infesticide», the debut demo by Canadian death metal trio Grave Infestation. Despite the often busy time of the year, Irish label Invictus Productions noticed just how good the five pieces are and will be releasing it. As their press release states, the Vancouver trio “wield a gutsfucking sound that near-effortlessly synthesizes every slice of darkness of death metal’s pivotal late ’80s era.” There’s no need to take them at their word, as «Infesticide» can be heard in its entirety below.

«Infesticide» will be released on March 29 via Invictus Productions on cassette format. The record is also slated for a Parasitic Records release, although no further details regarding the involvement of the Portland based label are currently available.

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