Sunn O))) set release date for «Life Metal»

Cover photo by Ronald Dick.
It’s been a few weeks since Sunn O))) and Southern Lord Recordings announced «Life Metal», released its teaser (which you can find below), and stated then that it would be out in April (read all about it here). The release dates have now been announced, alongside a very interesting surprise that we discuss after detailing the dates.

On April 13, «Life Metal» will be made available in some formats on retail stores in collaboration with Record Store Day, namely, on cd and vinyl in the US market and exclusively on vinyl in the European one. Then, on April 19, cd and vinyl versions of the album will be available to order through both Southern Lord stores and Sunn O))) website. Finally, all cd, digital, and remaining vinyl formats will be officially released on April 26.

As for that aforementioned surprise, the band further announced that there will be two free, public listening sessions of «Life Metal», one in Paris and another in London. Both sessions are available on a first come, first serve RSVP basis. As the band explains in a public statement, their wish and intention are “to offer the astounding presence, detail and color of this recording on great PA systems in a public situation as an introduction.” Their explanation then reflects on their time at the Electrical Audio studio, stating that “part of the joy of producing and mastering this album in the studio was that we were fortunate to be able to listen on the perfect high fidelity playback situations for the record, top precise studio sound guided by the best ears in the business.” The first listening session will take place in Paris on March 31 and its RSVP is available at this location. The second session will be held in London on April 9 and its RSVP can be found here.

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