Decadesthétique to release debut full-length

Dutch lo-fi synth pop project Decadesthétique will soon release its first full-length, «Ourselves», following the «Etallage» EP from 2015 and 2016’s «His/Her Touch», which saw a physical release last summer. Three songs from «Ourselves» can already be streamed below, courtesy of Californian DIY label Death Shadow Recordings, serving as a stark warning of how much the band’s sound has sharpened itself over the last few years.

«Ourselves» will be released by Death Shadow on cassette format, limited to 50 copies, on March 15. Around that time, orders will become available at the label’s store. According to Death Shadow, some copies will be directly available in Europe, through the artist’s own label, Consistentis Veritatis Peremptoria, at this location. Finally, the label has stated that an LP release of «Ourselves» will follow at a later date.

Below, and to properly illustrate the point made above on the contrast between Decadesthétique’s two EP releases and the upcoming full-length, listen to «His/Her Touch», complete with the bonus track «Sight» that was included in last year’s physical release, and to «Etallage».

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