Martelo Negro announce «Parthenogenesis»

This year, Martelo Negro celebrates their tenth anniversary since adopting their current name, a change that led the previously named Black Hammer to become a full fledged multi-man band and to years of infamous live performances. It thus seems more than appropriate that the Portuguese collective is gearing up to release their third album, entitled «Parthenogenesis». Below, listen to its third track, «Rameira Necromante». As the bassist/vocalist The Beyonder explained to Loud! Magazine last year during a track-by-track analysis of «Parthenogenesis», “Lilith, sitting on her infernal throne, ordered a little song of crust punk black metal (of death) with solos reminiscent of Xutos. The result is a filthy profane hodge-podge which might serve as a mosphit catalyst in festivals where boredom is king and the kids are bored!

«Parthenogenesis» is set for release on April 17 via Hellprod Records in a cd edition limited to 300 copies. Pre-orders are available at this location. Speaking of festivals where boredom is definitely not king, around a week after releasing «Parthenogenesis», Martelo Negro is slated to return to the stage during the 22nd edition of SWR Barroselas Metalfest (more information on the festival available here).


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