Round-up: Laster, Sordide, and DEAFKIDS

Today, we have short updates on recently written pieces on Laster, Sordide, and DEAFKIDS.

Laster unveils first song from «Het wassen oog»

After announcing that their next full-length, «Het wassen oog», will be released on April 5, Laster have now revealed the first song of the record, entitled «Vacuüm ≠ behoud», which features Grey Aura‘s Tjebbe Broek on Spanish guitar and can be streamed below.

«Het wassen oog», alongside the companion EP «Stadsluik», is set for release on April 5 via Prophecy Productions in cd and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here (Europe) and here (US).

Stream Sordide’s «Hier déjà mort» in its entirety

Just a few days before starting their tour alongside Turia, whose dates you can find here, and releasing «Hier déjà mort», Sordide have made the entirety of their third album available for streaming, which you can do below.

Recall that «Hier déjà mort» is set for official release on February 15 in a collaborative effort between La Harelle, Throatruiner, and WV Sorcerer. Pre-orders are available here (cd and vinyl, Europe), here (cd and vinyl, United States), and here (cassette, cd, and vinyl).

Listen to «Templo do Caos» from DEAFKIDS

We’re almost a month away from the release of DEAFKIDS‘ «Metaprogramação», about which you can read more here. Recently, the band gave an interview to the lovely folk at CVLT Nation, at the end of which they revealed the sixth song from the upcoming album, entitled «Templo Da Caixa». At the time of writing of this piece, the stream can be found exclusively here, at CVLT Nation. Below, recall the previously released «Mente Bicameral», the fourth track from «Metaprogramação».

«Metaprogramação» is currently slated for release through Neurot Recordings on March 15. Pre-orders are available at this location.

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