Listen to songs by Hell and Primitive Man from their upcoming split

We are ten days away from the release by Translation Loss of a split album where two of the mightiest North American purveyors of slow misery will meet. For Primitive Man, this will be their second consecutive split, after last year’s maddening seven song affair with Unearthly Trance (you can hear and order that record here), whereas for Hell the upcoming split marks their first song since the release of «Hell» in 2017 (the fourth one, which you can hear and purchase in digital format here). The split, whose artwork you can see below, is set to feature two tracks by Primitive Man, and one by Hell. Since its announcement last year, both the first track by Primitive Man, the pitch-black «Oily Tears», and Hell‘s contribution, «Nuumen» have been made public and you can stream them below the cover.


Both sides of the record were mastered by Dave Otero, who also recorded Primitive Man‘s side at the Flatline audio and was involved with «Scorn», «Home Is Where The Hatred Is», and «Caustic». Hell‘s side was recorded by the band’s mastermind MSW at the Burial Grounds in Salem, Oregon. Pre-orders of the split are available at this location, now in its third different colour-scheme, after the 300 copies dedicated to the first two sold out well in advance of the record’s release.

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