Sordide lift the veil on «Hier déjà mort»

Undeniably rooted in punk in sound and spirit, the band shines at spreading its vehement urgency – furious or more lancinant, yet always hypnotic and vitriolic -, built for moisty basement shows.

Normandy based black metal trio Sordide have announced the release of their third full-length record, entitled «Hier déjà mort». The successor of the very good «Fuir la lumière» will be released in February and was “captured live and mixed analogically,” as explained in the press release, which then states that this allows it to sound “crude and natural, allowing space for each instrument to breath.” Below, you can listen to «La Peur Du Noir», the second track from «Hier déjà mort».

The album was engineered and mixed analogically by Master Of Goats, with further mixing and mastering taking place at the White Noise Studio at the hands of Marlon Wolterink. The artwork seen above was created by Henri Klein. «Hier déjà mort» is set for release on February 15 in a joint effort by Throatruiner (cd and vinyl, pre-orders here for Europe and here for US), WV Sorcerer (cassette, cd, and vinyl, pre-orders here), and La Harelle (cd). To promote its release, Sordide will embark on an European tour alongside Turia, with dates as seen below and more information available at this location.


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