Label update: Moving Furniture Records

Today, Amsterdam-based label Moving Furniture Records announced four upcoming releases that span long-form drone, ambient, glitch-laced electronics, and electro-acoustic experimentation.

First, there is «2», by Radboud Mens and Matthijs Kouw. The collaborative history of Mens and Kouw dates all the way back to 2001, with «Mens/Kouw» released the year after. As time went by, they “found themselves working more and more in the realm of tonal and timbral long-form pieces.” The result was a recording made live in studio back in 2014, whose first part was released as «1» in 2017 (it can be found here). Its second and last park is now set for release as «2», two tracks that start “as deep and warm drone music,” but “gradually develop into a collage of textures and frequencies that are carefully moving in and out of the drone.” Below, you can listen to «E», the first half of «2».

«2» is set for release on March 15 in digital and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found at this location.

On the same day as «2», the label is also releasing the 7” EP «Piano Music», by Orphax, an alias of label founder Sietse van Erve. It consists of two ambient tracks based on improvised piano, recorded at Amsterdam’s De Ruimte. As explained in the press release, the composer considers it one of his most personal works to date, adding that “it is about making the wrong decisions and regretting those, but also learning to cope with these and the [sic] move on.” Below, listen to the first track of «Piano Music», entitled «De steiger».

«Piano Music» will be released on March 15 and can be pre-ordered here.

Moving forward by one month, April will bring the release of «Breach», by renowned Dutch composer and multi-disciplinary artist Zeno van den Broek. According to its press release, the album “dives into chaotic systems and reflects on the recent events of protests and riots in the world, exploring the build up and release of tension and energy in a new form of pitch black metal electronics and dense polyrhythmic structures.” One such example can already be glimpsed in the form of «Breach one», a ten minute-long onslaught of polyrhythmic madness.

«Breach» will be released in vinyl and digital form by Moving Furniture on April 26 and can be pre-ordered at this location. The audio-visual premier of «Breach» will take place almost a month before, at this year’s Rewire Festival, in The Hague.

Finally, there’s «Terreng», a collaborative effort between Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Jon Wesseltoft and Hungarian drummer Balázs Pándi, whose list of past collaborators includes the likes of Merzbow, Mats Gustafsson, and Tervor Dunn. The two musicians recorded «Terreng» in Oslo back in 2017, with Wesseltoft mixing, mastering, and performing some additional recordings the year after. The result, described by the label as “in-your-face improvised electro-acoustic sounds,” is split between two tracks, the first of which, «Soft Close-Up», can be heard below.

«Terreng» can be pre-ordered here and will be released on April 26 on digital and vinyl formats.

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