Hebosagil to release «Fortuna / Kevät»

The ever-chamaeleonic Hebosagil have announced the impending joint physical release of their last two EP, «Fortuna» and «Kevät», which in 2017 and 2018 saw their sound move away from the sheer heaviness of times gone by to a luscious pastures of beauty, a journey not that dissimilar to that taken by Sólstafir. The compilation, titled «Fortuna / Kevät», will be out in April through Ektro Records, as befits a band that clearly shares the adventurous ethos that characterises everything that Jussi Lehtisalo touches.

Below, return to the 2017 EP «Fortuna», whose gorgeous artwork will be the one to grace the cover of «Fortuna / Kevät».

Further recall the two beautiful songs that comprise «Kevät».

«Fortuna / Kevät» will be released by Ektro Records on April 5.

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