Roadburn reveal running order, add TankZilla to line-up

That time of the year in which Roadburn attendees draft what their own personal schedule will be for those four wonderful days has arrived. In the running order for the four days which you can be check below, you’ll notice that there are “only” three performances by Thou, unlike the four announced ones. The festival’s announcement explains that “in true punk rock fashion, the time/location for this set will be announced on the day of the show.” Moreover, and as has been the case for the past few years, the festival’s running order can be found at Clashfinder, here.


As if that wasn’t enough to digest, the festival decided to add another band to its 2019 line-up despite its state of completion, which the fine people over at Roadburn explain away by stating that “we simply can’t hold back when we hear a good band.” That band in is TankZilla, a duo whose origin is thus summarised “after Peter Pan Speedrock went tits up, singer and guitarist Peter Van Elderen hooked up with former Wolfskop drummer Marcin Hurkmans only to go full tilt boogie once more.” And so it is that a session of proper boogie insanity will take place at the Hall Of Fame on Sunday, April 14.

Roadburn 2019 will take place in Tilburg between April 11 and 14. While tickets have long been sold out, they appear on sale reasonably often at this location, whenever someone realises they can’t make it after all.

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