Get your speed metal fix with the first track from Chevalier’s debut LP

Cover photo by Annick Giroux.
In the last two years, Finnish quintet Chevalier made waves within the speed metal underworld with two impressive EP and a split with countrymen Legionnaire. It is now time to look ahead to their anticipated debut full-length, which is called «Destiny Calls» and will be released next month. Below, you’ll find yet another reason to be excited about the record, namely, it’s first single «In The Grip Of The Night», courtesy of NWOTHM Full Albums. Further note that the song features a guest solo by Kenny Powell from the legendary Omen.

«Destiny Calls» will be released by Gates Of Hell on April 26 on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. It was recorded in late 2018 at the Black Floyd Analog Studio, is set to include a re-recording of the final track from «Chapitre II» and features artwork by Karmazid.

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