Prophecy to release remastered versions of first two Laster albums

As we previously reported on here, April will see the release of Laster‘s third full-length, «Het wassen oog», alongside its companion EP, «Stadsluik». To mark the occasion of their first releases to come through Prophecy Productions, the Dutch band and German label have announced that they will be releasing remastered versions of «De verste verte is hier» and «Ons vrije fatum». The latter has also been remixed and will be released as a 2 cd digipack, with the additional disc containing the original, unaltered version of «Vederlicht verrad» from the band’s 2016 split with Wederganger originally released by Ván.

The re-releases of «De verste verte is hier» and «Ons vrije fatum» are scheduled for April 5 and can be pre-ordered at this location.

Finally, recall the opening song from «Het wassen oog», entitled «Vacuüm ≠ behoud».

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