Laster release another song from «Het wassen oog»

Is there anything quite like starting the week with some good new obscure dance music courtesy of Laster? Sure, there is, let’s not get carried away with unnecessary hyperbole. It is nevertheless an excellent thing to happen, particularly when the song in question is as good and surprising as «Haat & bonhomie» is, as you can attest to below. It’s hard to miss, but let us nevertheless highlight the fantastic combination between bass and clean vocals since it stands as another recent example that Dutch can indeed be a beautifully poetic language.

«Het wassen oog», alongside the companion EP «Stadsluik», is set for release on April 5 via Prophecy Productions in cd and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here (Europe) and here (US).

You can listen to the previously released opening track from Laster’s upcoming album at this location. Recall that remastered versions of the previous two full-lengths from the trio will also be available on April 5 and can be ordered here.

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